Pre 1900 Trooper Saddle

A small brace behind the rear frame, the large three rivet foot on the rear frame is the best way to spot the pre 1900 trooper saddles.  Most of these were made in England so they will have a rounded front board and the smooth rounded front frame.  The Boards will be shorter on some of the older saddles, but not all.

We are unsure of how long this model of saddle was in production, but  the oldest Pre 1900 Trooper Saddle I Repaired was stamped with  J Mason & Sons Birmingham 1898.  Later 1900’s were D. Mason & sons.

The 1800’s Trooper Saddle.

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The Late 1800’s to early 1900’s Trooper Saddle, made in England.  Notice the longer side boards, but it still had the large three rivet foot on the rear frame, and the  support brace on the rear frame. They have also removed the square loop on the rear frame and the boards switched from maple to a laminate board on the  later 1800’s saddles.



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