Tips for Tarpon Fishing

  1. The Tarpon is a species that can be located in schools of fish of varying quantity of specimens regularly along the coastal zone (note: there are places where migration exists), in rivers and freshwater or brackish lagoons.
  2. The Shroud is a carnivorous species, so the lures for fishing must emulate fish such as sardines, anchovies, smoothies, parfaits, crabs, crustaceans, mollusks.
  3. The tarpons are fish following prey schools, so the concentration of them ensures their closeness.
  4. The characteristic of the mouth of the sheet of extreme hardness requires the use of extremely sharp hooks to achieve adequate penetration.
  5. The Shroud can be fished with different modalities: live or dead bait fishing, fishing with lures to launch (spinning and casting), vertical fishing (jigging), and trolling fishing and fly fishing in its various variants.
  6. One of the most effective ways of hooking into a Tarpon is the realization of three to four impacts substantial once the fish caught the lure or bait, the idea is that the hook to get into a clamping point suitable.
  7. One of the characteristics of the species is its large jumps, so you should be careful that once you enter the water after your hops keep it in tension so that it does not escape.
  8. One of the existing techniques is the greeting to the king, which represents that when the tarpon jump lowered the cane so that there is no possibility that the tension over the movement of the head achieves come off the lure.
  9. There is a fishing technique in the mouths of river with a feather duster from ¾ ounce to 1 ounce that consists of throwing the lure upstream and letting it get to the bottom there begin to generate jumps of the artificial emulating to a shrimp of high efficiency.
  10. Another very productive technique with bucktail jig corresponds to the presentation of feather dusters from 2 ounces to 4 ounces letting them fall vertically (boat adrift) to act on up and down.
  11. In the trolling technique, multiple lures with plastic or metallic lip work, one recommendation is the Rapalas Magnum CD14 / CD18 / FMAG14 / FMAG18 white with redhead and the Fire-Tiger. The work is done in slow trolling either in the coastal zone, mouth, or high flow rivers.
  12. Live bait fishing is a very productive technique for the fisheries of the real sheet; circular hooks are useful.
  13. Fly-fishing is quite a science and very favorable when concentrations of the sheet are located both at sea and in estuaries. The baby sat them all a magic to capture with fly and their parents the ultimate fishing adventure.
  14. Shroud fishing with thick strings is a common denominator in many parts of the world. Look for it with 20-pound rope and fishing will be one of the most memorable moments in your history.
  15. Fishing from shore in the launch method (casting & spinning) can be performed with multiple lures placed in the surf zone with optimal results, this kind of challenge can be called extreme fishing.
  16. One of the effective techniques to achieve a tire of a Tarpon is to keep the action pumping (pumping) with consistency during the fight as this produces the Shad perform jumps, and each leap will subtract strength.
  17. The technique of jigging (vertical fishing) can emulate the movement of shrimp or squid with satisfactory results in the fishing of the shad.
  18. The technique of popping (surface fishing) when you find Tarpon concentrations is one of the best and most exciting fish, to see the powerful fish come to the call of pop. Something priceless.
  19. As a base to fish for Tarpon a reel that has at least 400 yards of rope 15 pounds will be ideal rods for casting heavy action (large) 7 feet, a leader of 60 to 100 pounds of 1 meter and as a team to regulate any reel or rod for trolling coastal work properly.
  20. The fight with the shad can be characterized as wild and demanding at the muscular level; it is not too much before an event to fish Shad prepare in the gym emulating some types of joint movements in the fight.
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